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The latest scientific research has proven the superiority of an ultramodern form of vitamin C as fatty metabolites (PureWay-C®) over the previous forms of vitamin C available on the market – ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate and calcium ascorbate/threonate (Ester-C®). The innovative form of vitamin C is absorbed much more quickly, exhibiting extremely beneficial kinetics over time. Fatty metabolites of vitamin C (Pure Way-C®) quickly permeate from the gastro-intestinal tract to the blood stream, where the active vitamin C can be easily distributed to the cells. The clinical research performed on the group of healthy volunteers showed better absorption of the fatty metabolites of vitamin C than other forms of the vitamin in comparison with the control group.

PureWay CAs compared with other forms of vitamin C available on the market,  PureWay-C®)is the most beneficial form of that molecule, acting the fastest, and is needed and active in the body.

The fact of the perfect absorption of PureWay-C® in the blood stream is also connected with the uniquely quick permeation of fatty metabolites of vitamin C through the cell walls. Microcapsules of PureWay-C® have a much greater affinity to lipid structures of cell membranes, and they can penetrate them into the inside of the cells more easily and efficiently. Scientific research shows that such a form of vitamin C was the most quickly absorbable by the human lymphocytes T H9. Those cells of the immune system fulfil very important functions in the body.

The anti-oxidant action of PureWay-C® and the ability to “sweep away” free radicals are further properties which differentiate the fatty metabolites of vitamin C from other forms of vitamin C. This ability to sweep away free radicals was tested by analysing the degree of DPPH reduction, which allowed the determination of the degree of effectiveness of the fatty metabolites of vitamin C in the fight against free radicals.