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About us

A dream came true on the day when we initiated our webstore, vitameans.life. It is a family business, my Partner and I run it in perfect harmony while completing each other, trying to be better every day. We hope that it will be the best-known enterprise in the Netherlands soon.

The goals of establishing our webstore shed light on what kind of world we dream of:

  • We sell only high quality, world patented dietary supplement products, which are produced by certified manufacturers because it is the most important that our costumers take care of their health with safe and effective dietary supplements.
  • Natural cosmetics are made from ingredients from an organic farm, which do not only guarantee safe usage, but they also consider the conditions of sustainable management.
  • During our work, we make sure our costumers get answers to all their questions from our website. Week by week new information will be added on the blog related to vitamins, minerals, herbs, harmful additives, or the latest research results from both a medical and an environmental point of view.
  • We decided each month we will offer part of the gross income to a foundation, non-governmental organization, or institution. Only organizations that make our world a better place can receive our donations.
  • Our further plans include adding new suppliers to the list that produce high quality products in disadvantaged countries, thereby helping the stability of the area because we feel responsible to all who strive to thrive in difficult circumstances.

Our motto briefly summarizes our creed: vitameans life, you mean the future! Let’s work together for it!

Melinda and Adam